DIY budget sauna: stages of construction from A to Z. Photos of the best options for small and compact buildings
Sketch of a budget bathhouse Before you start building a bathhouse, you need to decide on its design. Enough
Projects of large one-story baths
Budget baths: affordable materials, features, tips on selection and construction
Most experts agree that in modern projects of large one-story baths there is a trend
How to measure a door frame
How to make a door from boards with your own hands: types and manufacturing methods
Features of wood of various species The choice of wood species determines the quality of the future structure. Depending on the
Bath made of plastic bottles
Bottle sauna - a fresh idea for arranging a sauna building
Almost every owner of a summer house or private house dreams of building a bathhouse. However, it is rare
Bathhouse made of larch, linden, aspen: which is better
Lining for a bathhouse, what to choose? Aspen, linden or cedar
Bathhouse made of larch When choosing a material for a bathhouse, you need to take into account not only the heat capacity of wood,
A steamer's dream is jadeite stone. What is he really like? Its physical properties and are there any medicinal properties?
Pros and cons of jadeite The popularity of jadeite for saunas and baths is due to its physical and chemical properties.
Material profile
Linden lining for a bath - an excellent choice for a steam room
Lining is a material that has been used for a very long time. Its first purpose was the usual lining of carriages
Masonry in winter
Working with cement mortar at sub-zero temperatures, what are the nuances?
Working with cement mortar at sub-zero temperatures, what are the nuances? Considering that
Features of thermal insulation materials for stoves and fireplaces. From GOSTs to implementation
The use of thermal insulation materials for stoves has several goals: to ensure fire safety and reduce heat loss.
Self-tapping screws for floorboards: which screws are best suited for fixing, requirements for installation and for the base
Plank floors are a traditional and long-known method of installing floor coverings, including
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